Texas Solar Power at a Glance


Electricity costs


Renewable Portfolio Standards


Solar Carve Out


Net Metering




Performance Payments




State Tax Credits


Property Tax Exemption


Sales Tax Exemption



  • Lower range of electric prices
  • Renewable Portfolio Standard Policy
  • Interconnection Policy
  • Property Tax Exemption


  • No Solar Carve Out Program
  • No Net Metering Program
  • No Solar Performance Payments Programs
  • No Incentves/Rebates
  • No State Tax Credits
  • No Sales Tax Credit

Solar Power in Texas

Texas Solar Power


Texas has certainly gained the reputation for being a leader when it comes to energy incentives and saving money and preserving their state with various forms of renewable energy. Both the state officials and the residents here have not turned a blind eye when it comes to solar power Texas programs and what they can offer them, however compared to other States there is still much this state can do to encourage the use of solar energy. While it may not be a leading estate with their enthusiasm for solar power Texas they certainly have showed some concerns about the preservation of their environment and seeking out ways to save money on their electrical costs. Currently, Texans are paying at $.12 per KWH for their electricity costs which ties them in the nation for 25th place

Average Costs of Going Solar

Texans can expect an upfront cost of $16,250 to enter into a 5KW solar system. However, after applying the incentives and or rebates of $5,717. this brings the first year cost down to $10,533.

Savings for Solar Power Texas

Opting into a solar power Texas program will put $70 a month savings into the pockets of those that do so. The homeowners taking advantage of these programs can expect an increase in their home value of $16,848.

Payback Periods for Texas Solar Systems

For the size of a 5kW solar system it would be a 12 year payback realized.

Return on Investment On Solar Electric System

A return of investment can be expected in the amount of 9.8%

Incentives for Texas Solar Power

Current Texas Legislative Environment For Solar

When it comes to a Renewable Portfolio Standard program, this state has set a 3% mandate by 2015 which they have exceeded. The overall RPS a program rates 28th as the best in the nation.

Currently there is no Solar Carve Out program.

The interconnection rules for this state are quite poor.

There are no solar performance payment programs in action.

Incentives Available For Texas Solar Energy

Texas does have some solar power rebates in place and these vary over all. They have the 13th best place throughout the nation for solar rebates

Texas Net Metering

One area that Texas is falling short on when it comes to their solar power is that they have no net metering policies in place.

Solar Energy Texas

Rebates / Tax Credits

Texas has no state income tax is so there are no credits applicable to this.

The state does offer 100% property tax exemption.

There is no sales tax exemption.


With the State of Texas being a forerunner in many ways when it comes to the preservation of their state one may think that the solar power enthusiasm on the part of the state officials would be much greater then it is. However, Texans will take matters in their own hands when it comes to saving money and will seek out the best solar power taxes programs that will help them do this.