Energy Storage

Energy Storage

When we capture energy at one time and use it afterwards, we store energy, There are so many sources of energy including potential, chemical, gravitational, heat and kinetic. When we take electric power we can see that the demand for electricity fluctuates throughout the day. When we introduce technology to store electricity it can be available to meet demands whenever needed and can be a major breakthrough in the distribution of electricity. By using electricity storage devices we may be able to achieve the goal of distributing power to its consumers whenever they need. These devices have the power to make renewable energy which cannot be controlled by the grid operators.

They also provide good match between generation and load. These electricity storage devices provide frequency regulation and maintain balance between the load of the network and the power generated. So, energy storage and its distribution have great promises in transforming the electric power industry. Switches, invertors and controllers allow control of electric power and support long distance transmission. This allows the system to operate in a most efficient way.

These types of Energy Storage technology can be used in so many areas. There are a variety of energy storage technologies both conventional and advanced.Flywheels, power electronics and control systems. Batteries store energy that can be used later. Enhanced energy storage provides multiple benefits to power sector, industries and its consumers. This ensures· Quality of power and its distribution to the consumers.

· Improves stability of transmission and reliability of the distribution systems

·  You can use the existing equipments and thereby reduce or eliminate the costly upgrades.

· Improves the availability in difficult situations

Energy storage systems manage the power supply and bring savings to its consumers. Here we can see some of the Energy Storage technologies at a glance.

· Solid State Batteries: They include electrochemical storage solutions and capacitors.

· Flow Batteries: They store energy in the electrolyte solution for longer life of Batteries.

· Fly Wheels: They are mechanical devices that harness rotational energy and change it into electrical energy.

·  Compressed air energy storage: Uses compressed air to create instant energy reserves.

· Thermal: This is the method of capturing heat ,store and create on demand

· Pumped Hydro power: This is the method of constructing reservoirs, wells, and ponds to store water.

These technology applications have great effect in storing different types of energy and more studies are being conducted to explore the possibilities to store different types of energies that are useful to mankind.

Energy storage is an efficient and effective solution to store solar energy use this energy on demand, providing flexibility across the grid. Energy storage systems for solar create a more stabilized energy infrastructure and lower the cost of energy for consumers.


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