Energy Efficiency is the wise and careful use of less energy for the same service. Most of the energy generated in the world comes from oil, gas, coal and electricity. Energy Efficiency is the method to be adopted to reduce the consumption of energy to achieve the results. When we replace our old equipments with a new energy efficient model we get the same service and we save energy also. Energy Efficiency can be achieved by managing the energy in a better way. When we produce energy in a more efficient way automatically we save energy also. Energy Efficiency can be considered as the easiest way to reduce energy costs for the consumers.

Consumers of Energy

Almost all sectors of the economy are the consumers of different types of energy. The sectors which need energy are mostly for production, processing and delivery .Other energy consuming industries include petrochemicals, manufacturing and industries which produce forest products. Electricity generation largely from coal fired plants is generally distributed among individual households, medium and large scale industries.

What are the Effects of Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency has much to do with the economic and environmental benefits of a society. Using cost effective methods for conservation and increasing efficiency measures can have significant effects for companies, governments and individuals.Enviornmental benefits can be achieved by reducing pollutants, energy conservation and energy efficiency. When we use energy more efficiently our energy costs become reduced and so is the effect on the environment.

Methods to increase Energy Efficiency.

We can do so many things to use energy more efficiently. Some of the measures may be specific; other measures can be taken collectively by everyone in the society. Industries and governments can impose energy efficiency methods to reduce the energy costs and save energy.Individals can improve their residential energy consumption by introducing energy conservation measures.

We can see some methods that can lead to Energy Efficiency.

For individuals

· Hot water usage can be reduced by insulating the tank or using Solar Heater.

· You can use low wattage bulbs and turn off lights when not needed.

· Replace old appliances with high energy efficient ones

· While selecting vehicles, consider fuel economy.

· You can use Public transports or avail car pooling facility.

For Industries

· Ensure lighting type, wattage and usage of electricity.

· Upgrade the building insulation

· Use of variable speed motor controls wherever necessary.

· Design heat recovery for furnaces.

· Do systematic planning always

Most of the government departments promote energy efficiency programs. Individuals also can make changes in their lifestyle and promote these programs.

Together we can make our world green and energy efficient.

Energy conservation is an effective way to lower overall energy consumption, and the same can be said for improved energy efficiency. However, the terms do not mean the same thing. Energy efficiency is defined as saving energy, but keeping the same level of service. For example, if you turn off the lights when you leave a room, you are practicing energy conservation. If you replace an inefficient incandescent light bulb with a more efficient compact fluorescent bulb, you are practicing energy efficiency.

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