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Why go Solar ?

Couple of reasons to save with solar…but there are more…

Eliminate or reduce your electric bill

Earn a great return on your investment

Hedge against increase in energy cost

Increase your house value

Support Local job creation

Help protecting the environment

How it Works

Simple procedure and easy setup. No hassles.

What do they think about solar?

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All those homeowners who have been installing residential solar panels over the last decade may find it was a more practical decision than they thought…

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For the average installation, the authors found that solar panels added a $20,194 premium to the sales price of the house based on…

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It stands to reason that adding an asset which cuts your electricity bills–solar panels–will bump up a home’s value. Now an economic study…

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Long Island’s solar-energy industry is on a growth streak not seen since the dot-com boom….

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Do solar panels boost you asking price? Hear it from people who have already installed or are willing to install solar panels for their home …

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How do I Solarize my House

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Sunshot Initiative

Support our Troops

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Employment in the solar industry is expected to grow by more than 20% in 2015 and demand for more highly-trained, skilled workers is rising.
With at least 190,000 veterans leaving the U.S. military each year for the next several years, the Solar Ready Vets program matches highly qualified individuals with growing industry demand.

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Happy solarized customers speak

Thank you for a wonderful experience and amazing customer service. Not only did I get great service, I’m saving money and the earth.
I highly recommend your company to anyone interested in Solar. Thank you again.
John & Violet M, Los Angeles, California
Solar is the best thing I invested in my home due to me saving money monthly. Everything has been working great since installation with no technical issues. I am very happy about that. I will send anyone your way who asks what company I have gone with and I will be sure to let them know your customer service is great!”
Susan K., California
The solar system is fantastic! It’s been saving me money ever since I turned the solar system on.  The installation was quick, simple and there were no problems at all.  Most professional and friendly customer service.
Lori K, San Diego, California
$44 dollars, that is all I pay to APS now! Making the decision to go solar was the
smartest investment we have made. The solar installer office staff professional and courteous of my needs. And the installers, they were by far the cleanest, efficient and positive attitudes I’ve come across in a long time in the construction business. I continue to recommend this solar installer to everyone I know. Mahalo for helping me save money with solar.
Brad, k, Phoenix, Arizona
Quick process, best solar bargain and great customer service from solar sales to solar install team. The solar power provider has gone over and beyond what I expected. Definitely recommend your company.
Peter, S , Los Angeles, California

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